Memories from High School

Memories from High School time....

From Lauri Turevon

On the Thursday night prior to the East / West football game, along with Jack Carroll, Greg Stone (may he forever rest in peace), and others; using a drop type fertilizer spreader to write “EAST” on the football practice field of West High School.  The next morning, we got a great reaction from classmates.  Then being called to Mr. Burmeister’s office with the threat of expulsion.  A prank by today’s standards that would be viewed as mildly comical.

Taking bets on what color Ms. Regan’s hair would be when she came to school that day.

Mrs. Fox constantly telling Mr. Miller how to run the school.

Some great teachers:  Leo Welch (physics) and Doc Fielding (chemistry) made these subjects fun.  Mr. Ochs (speech), he was an oddball but once you got past that, his class was always interesting.  I see he on the list to attend, and I would like to catch up.

Some good coaches and some not so good coaches.  Coach Pieri (basketball) and Coach Corcoran (lacrosse) were fun, yet stern, for whom to play. We wanted to win for these coaches. I also played football for Coach BJ.

Hating, no really hating, pre-season football practice.  Twice a day, always hot, no rain, no water breaks, and being constantly berated.  But, we did have a good football team.

As someone else said, the teacher’s lounge.  The smoke was so thick, this had to feel like being inside of a bong.

Having some truly great friends on whom I could always count for a laugh, and we had lots of laughs:  Jack Carroll, Joe Ferreira, Robert Castellana, Lee Redfield, Alan Box, David Box (66), Dana Eckel (68) and Tim Nares (may Dana and Tim forever rest in peace).  If I omitted anyone, I apologize.

The summer of 1967 – still the greatest and most carefree summer vacation ever.


from Bill Tarantelli...


Louie Tarantelli was my Dad's father. He opened a grocery store at the 123 W Market location in 1929. Dad was 16 and worked there with his 2 brothers. In 1939 ,there was a grand opening of Tarantellis and the Louis sign came down. The restaurant expanded to 121...that was the Monument Works. Next to the 121 building was Driscoll's Standard Dry Cleaners run by Bill Driscoll, who I was named after. He had 2 sons in the business, Bob and Adrian (Mary and Bills Dad). Next to the cleaners there was a private residence and during our school years Larry, Chuck, Linda, and Alice French lived with their mom and dad. Next to them was Parenti's barber shop. John and his three sisters, Julia, Rose and Edith lived there. John was my confirmation father. Next to them was Corning Truck Parts, owned by Ted Jones, who had Jones Pontiac on Center way next to Acme Food store. Next to the autoparts store was I believe Mac's Grill, then Tootie's Second Hand Shop and on the end was Roses Grill now Johnny ' s Tavern.
On the east side of 123 W Market was another house ,I believe that Rocky Puccio's mom and dad owned it and lived there for some time. Next to them was a store front turned into apartments, owned by Jim and Genny Stirpe. They had a grocery store on the north side of Market on the other side of Chestnut. Then came another house which would have been in front of the Air Reduction Plant owned by the Zubalys. Please excuse my spelling, a man we used to call by his last name when we were kids running through his backyard, Mr. Zubalie. There was an empty lot that was an old hotel location torn down and graveled over in the 60's. And around the corner , close to the viaduct was Merola's homestead. And leaning against Merola's building was Augie Novelli's blacksmith shop. He would sharpen our kitchen knives. He had coal baffled fire pit anvil and hammer. We would watch him hammer away, leather apron, Popeye arms, chewing on an unlit stogie cigar.
As for the viaduct, it was completed in 1933. The date was etched in the concrete in front of the restaurant.

For more old pictures of Corning go to Facebook and Search for Old Corning Photos  like...

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Which classmate posed for this picture in our yearbook?

from Jim Bacalles...

The spring musical senior year was The Music Man and I played the part of Mayor Shinn. Roger Ochs always wanted everything to be authentic so I got permission to grow "mutton chop" side burns instead of putting on fake ones for every performance. The permission came with the understanding that when the play was over, the side burns were to be shaved off. I kept them past the play and for awhile nobody said anything. I thought I got away with it! A couple weeks later in Mr. Johnson's history class he took a close look and told me to go to the office. He told Mr. Burmeister that he wouldn't let me back in his class until I shaved the side burns off. Mr. Burmeister had a razor and shaving cream in his office and pointed to the bathroom! This was a Friday afternoon and my parents had gone away for the weekend. Being the rebel, I told I would see him on Monday and left school for long weekend!!

from Bill Tarantelli

Lunch 30 cents and an extra desert for a dime.
Walking by the teachers lounge...aroma of coffee and Chesterfields.
Euchre in homeroom and after lunch.
Mixed gym class square dances.
Girls wearing oversized boyfriends fraternity jackets.
Teased hair.
Candy bars at the book store.
Assemblies.Locker lock combo, 30-12-26
And teachers, whose life's lesson taught are with me to this day.


from Pat Keeler

As a member an athletic team - we had the tradition of singing the Alma Mater when we crossed the Centerway Bridge --  Our East High of Crystal City, Stately Stands in View...

The pep rallys before the East - West football games.

The Loft -  a small room on the 2nd floor of a garage between Dennison and 1st street where many of our classmates would sing Folk Songs and we would drink hot cocoa or cider..  Singers that I remember were Mark Brown, Barb Prouty, Jim Kruidenier..

The Youth Center on Ontario St on the Northside - where you could hang out, play ping pong, listen to a jukebox, meet friends.

For my Cross Country team mates - our Junior Year and the song "Catch Me If You Can" and the meet where we broke Corning West's undefeated streak and went on to set our own undefeated streak for 2 years.

For Southsiders, the game Barbaree, which we played at night around Mark Brown's house.

Listening to the announcements each morning by our own classmates -  Any of you part of the EHS team that did that?

For me - Junior Year and the announcement of the May King and Queen by having the candidates walk into the auditorium - having the last person to walk in be the King down one aisle and the Queen down the other.

from  Kathy Ruocco

Mrs. Boorom’s senior English class. She assigned VANITY FAIR and most of us didn’t read it. The next day she told us she was very hurt that we would do this. She said she was particularly disappointed in “her Mary,” which was what she called me instead of Kathy. I stayed up all night and read the 400 page novel for the next day.

from  Maryann Tombasco

I remember walking down the hall to homeroom one morning and going past the Library and seeing a sign hung up over the door that read "Grant's Tomb". I could imagine Mrs. Grant's face when she saw that.  I know I laughed like crazy. I heard it Was Joe Ferreira and some other guys who did it..but never knew for sure. 

Fran (Sonny) Landolf, MaryJo Birmingham and I played squares ( connect the dots) whenever we were bored in Studyhall or class. If we were in the same class, we'd play the game, whoever won, kept the book for the next game...we called it "The  Book of Nork" and we'd try to use the word throughout the day.. like, " that was pretty norky" "Happy Norkday". We did it through most of high school. I don't remember who had the book last. Sonny and I still use it when we post on Facebook

Having Seamus come and get me for our first date ( I didn't know it at the time) at the Fox  Theater  in the middle of watching "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken".  I think I was with Chris Yorio and the Hackett Twins...but not 100% sure.

Being in the cast of "Little Abner" and being Lolita the Spanish Dancer in the "Boyfriend."

My character, Pepita,was cast opposite Les Hampton as Pepito. We had to dance cheek to cheek and at one point during the dance, Les whispers to me, "Maryann, my mustache came off on your face".  We finished the dance to applause as the professionals we were.  Thanks to Mr. Ochs for putting us through those paces.

I also remember spending the night of the Sorority Ball in the Corning Hospital Emergency Room  after, you, Mary, Seamus and I went tabogganing down Carder School hill and you hit your head on a basketball pole.

Kneeling in the middle of the main hall when classes passed, bowing down to Ty Birdsall, my big sister in ABX,as part of my initiation.   I don't remember what I had to say but it was complimentary to Ty! 

from Jim Kester

To add to your comment regarding the Youth Center on Ontario  St. would be the dances they had featuring the band Five By Night. Don Mente classmate and good friend was the base guitarist in the band. The band also performed at Lando's Teen Center in Riverside.

Playing golf at The Circle H par 3 Golf Course in Beaver Dams that was owned by coach Hatch.

For me - Sophmore Year winning the Steuben County High School Singles Bowling title in Hornell on a Saturday morning in March then going to Rochester that night and watching our basketball team win the Section V basketball championship.